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Here’s A Real Hottie Ready To Change Your Life.

To friends and family you’ll end up introducing her as “The Best Thing,” but first and foremost her full name is an ACT, Inc. D’MAND Kontrols® System. 


She’s got killer structure. A D’MAND System gives you Structured Plumbing®, the concept of sustainable design for hot water distribution in new home construction to save water, energy, sewage processing, and reduce the carbon footprint. Did we mention the grand convenience for the user?

She’s ALWAYS that hot. Structured Plumbing® (incorporating a D’MAND System) gets hot water to every fixture in the home WITHIN SECONDS. By cutting out a home’s wait for hot water, saving 20 gallons of water a day turns into 7,300 gallons of water a year.


She’s logical: When installed in existing homes, activation utilizes the hot and cold water lines; the system rapidly displaces ambient temperature water through the cold water line to the water heater. When the hot water has reaches the fixture, the sensor closes the valve and turns off the pump, not allowing hot water to enter the cold water line. In new home construction, the system is located at the water heater on a dedicated hot water return line. When hot water is demanded by the user, Structured Plumbing® cycles the hot water and shuts down on a delta-T rise of temperature.

She’s involved in saving the world. She’s been incorporated into countless sustainable projects, notably Habitat for Humanity.


She’s all knowledge and innovation: The business has stayed top-of-the-line for over the 22 years it’s been improving homeowner lives; no other pump manufacturer has had tests funded and approved by the U.S. Department of Energy.


She gets along with everyone, all over the world. She is the top choice in new construction by many national builders (Meritage Homes, TriPoint Homes, etc,), and fulfills Resnet, Leed, and Cal Green credits. These Kontrols® Systems are also approved by WaterSense, Calif. Title 24. And the list goes on!


Did we mention she’s 100% American made? And proud!


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