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The ABC Green Home 4.0 Tiny Cabin Addition

During the pandemic mandated grand opening delay, the project’s design team engineered an additional structure in front of the main home using surplus building materials

By Nick Slevin

The ABC Green Home 4.0 Net-Zero-Energy, LEED Platinum demonstration home build was completed in February 2020. We were in the middle of planning the Grand Opening event and getting ready to send out invitations to home builders and design teams to come up to Crestline, CA to view the model home furnished project. Just like everyone else, our plans were interrupted by the pandemic.

We regrouped as a team and took inventory of our remaining surplus building materials. After carefully surveying and studying the property, the design team decided to invest the time designing and constructing a small detached cabin/barn/ADU type building in the front of the property, that would provide an additional recreational area for folks to enjoy while visiting the project.

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Our team got to work and we submitted our architectural drawings and engineering to the San Bernardino County Planners office, who issued our permit. Additional grading and foundation work was completed in 2021 and framing began in the Fall. Our project Superintendent Mark Reynolds spent most of his weekends building the structure. With help from friends and family, an Orange County based framing contractor, our project roofer, electrician and others who returned to help out.

The same advanced framing design with two-by-six studs, spaced twenty four inches on center was deployed as in the main house. The same insulation and drywall materials were deployed. National Gypsum’s five eighths inch purple gypsum, Rockwool’s excellent in-wall cavity insulation materials and Schneider Electric sub panels support the electric feed.

We had surplus windows and assorted left over building materials from product partners including Maze Nails, Rehau, LP, Huber Advantech, Eagle Roofing and Allura Siding. The excellent folks at Reliable Lumber, provided framing fasteners from Simpson Strong Tie, headers from Boise Cascade and straight and true framing lumber. A trip to Home Depot yielded additional sustainable materials from PlyGem, Masonite, FortiFiber, and Dupont Tyvek. Malarkey roofing was provided by the roofer. We picked up a couple of Dewalt framing nail guns and got to work.

Manny from PM Roofing says he prefers to use Malarkey Roofing products because they are always available from his supplier, they are good quality, easy to install and work well in both hot and cold conditions, while providing a waterproof and weather proof membrane beneath the roof tile that protects the structural integrity of the roof for many years.  Manny appreciates malarkey’s commitment to sustainability, which also makes their materials perfect for a LEED Platinum project like the ABC Green Home. We installed 4 rolls of Malarkey UDL underlayment on the cabin roof deck.

We have had a great time building our detached cabin/barn/ADU type building and are excited to finish. Stay tuned for more photos and watch your inbox for an invite to our delayed project grand opening this Summer.

We look forward to your joining us in the beautiful San Bernardino mountain town of Crestline, California and experiencing the Net-Zero, LEED Platinum ABC Green Home 4.0 Project yourself as our guests.

On behalf of our design team, as Project Manager/Developer I would like to thank the team, along with all of our Product Partners, who are all listed nearby. Please visit the project online at www.abcgreenhome.com and take the virtual tour of our very efficient Net-Zero, Smart Home.