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Milgard Style Line Series: Customizable, Smart, and Energy-Efficient

For the last 50 years, Milgard has consistently demonstrated a commitment to providing quality innovation and service – that’s why it’s one of the largest and most trusted names in windows and doors. With multiple locations throughout the US, Milgard provides fast lead and delivery times, as well as fast responses to any warranty situation.

Milgard Style Line Series windows and doors are designed and assembled in the USA, and their dedication to quality means that they offer a lifetime warranty on properly installed products for as long as the homeowner owns their home – including the cost of materials and labor. Milgard also offers a 10-year Commercial Warranty.

With plenty of configuration choices, decorative glass styles, and exterior vinyl finishing options, it’s easy to find a window that will adhere to the style of a home and its architectural needs, while still being energy efficient. All Milgard windows and patio doors are designed to meet tough thermal and solar requirements of state and local jurisdictions. Milgard even gives options to tailor the components of windows and doors to specific climates. Milgard adheres to ENERGY STAR v6 requirements to meet or exceed U-Factor and Solar Heat Gain Coefficient criteria.

Milgard provides numerous combinations of windows, doors, and transoms in any array you can imagine. The clean, slim style creates a modern backdrop in any room.

All of your needs are covered:

  • The vinyl construction won’t corrode and doesn’t need painting
  • Custom sizes can be built to exact specifications with no extra lead time
  • A Positive Action Lock assures you that when the window is closed, it’s locked
  • Dual-pane construction provides more noise control than single-pane windows, allowing for more peace and quiet


Available only for the Style Line Series, the Accessory Package gives customers additional features to enhance the performance of their windows. Weep hole covers provide an aesthetic touch as well as keep the weeping system clear of debris, and the addition of pull rail screens make it possible to let fresh air in, while keeping everything else out. Glass Breakage Coverage can be added as well, which allows broken glass to be replaced at no charge.