ABC Home 4.0

Chef Charlotte Puckette Joins ABC Green Home Design Team

We are most pleased to announce, Paris-based teaching and private Chef Charlotte Puckette has joined the ABC Green Home Design Team. 

Chef Charlotte is a key member of the Wellness Within Your Kitchen team created by noted Interior designer and health and wellness advocate Jillian Pritchard Cooke. 
Chef Charlotte conducted a cooking demonstration at the recently opened  ABC 3.0 home in Fullerton and will be conducting cooking demonstrations at ABC 4.0 in the designer Chef’s kitchen being created for the home. 
We are proud to have Charlotte on the design team and are looking forward to sharing her work with everyone. 


Charlotte Puckette is a Grand Diplôme graduate of Paris’s Le Cordon Bleu, co-author of The Ethnic Paris Cookbook, as well as a private chef, caterer, cooking instructor, food consultant, and hostess.

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