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Reducing Toxins And Living Healthier

Learning about the harmful qualities of toxins and replacing them with natural, sustainable, and responsible products will lead to a healthier quality of life inside your home

Wellness within Your Walls was founded by Jillian Pritchard Cooke, an interior designer for over 30 years, as a program that aims to educate and certify homes and products within homes to meet a healthier living standard. According to the EPA, only 25% of the 80,000 chemicals on the market have been fully screened for health effects. Many of these chemicals have not been screened at all. Wellness Within Your Walls started as a way to analyze indoor air quality with a more holistic approach, and has now become a home building and home furnishing standard that is accepted globally.

The Wellness Within Your Walls standard focuses on three categories: Natural, Sustainable, and Responsible. These categories help homeowners to more easily identify and understand the toxins that can be found inside interior environments. The Natural category accounts for products made of natural materials and they are also free of harmful chemicals. The Sustainable category points to products made up of sustainable materials, and the Responsible category shows ways to responsibly control toxins. 

A home builder should not be solely liable for all the toxins present during or after the building and design process; the whole team of people working on the project need to be accountable. Healthy and effective practices such as proper ventilation, water purification, vetting of all products and off-gassing procedures are encouraged. 

One of the main goals of the company is to connect people around the globe with healthy, eco-sensitive products that result in sustainable, non-toxic environments.


For more information, visit wellnesswithinyourwalls.com.