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AirRenew® Indoor Air Quality Drywall: High-Performance Walls for Better Selling Homes

People spend about 90 percent of their time indoors.  As the industry focuses more on “tighter” building envelopes, the elimination of contaminants becomes more important.  Even when using responsible materials during construction, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) such as formaldehyde pose a persistent threat.  Formaldehyde, the most common VOC found indoors can enter a home through products like engineered wood furniture, carpeting, treated fabrics and cleaning materials.  This potentially harmful VOC can circulate throughout the home and affect the air people breathe.


CertainTeed Gypsum developed their AirRenew family of wallboard products to help fight this battle.  AirRenew is the only drywall that removes formaldehyde from indoor air, actively improving air quality. It installs and finishes like regular drywall, is recycleable and keeps working for years, even under multiple coats of paint or breathable wallpapers. The installation of AirRenew, along with good indoor air quality design and proper ventilation, provides an effective strategy to reduce the exposure to formaldehyde.

This first-of-its kind, patent pending wallboard actively improves indoor air quality by converting formaldehyde into an inert compound that remains safely within the board.  This process has been proven effective by tests conducted to ISO 16000-23 standards and validated by the Underwriters Laboratories Environmental Claims Validation program.   AirRenew is also available with M2Tech® technology, providing enhanced moisture and mold resistance. Specifying AirRenew differentiates a sustainably-designed and built home and is a smart long-term investment for builders and buyers.


To learn more about how CertainTeed’s AirRenew IAQ Drywall is a smart choice for a sustainable home, visit www.CertainTeed.com/AirRenew.





When airborne formaldehyde comes in contact with the board through normal air circulation, AirRenew Gypsum Board captures and converts it into a safe, inert compound.


 AirRenew® M2Tech® is for use in interior walls and ceilings and is designed to offer a healthier living and working environment, offering peace of mind for generations.


AirRenew M2Tech provides moisture and mold resistance and improves indoor air quality, protecting a home’s walls from everything life throws at them